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What we do and why it matters

Years of experience in the MEP segment, we know just what you need and we do what we know well.

Difficulty to find the technically complicated products in the market has been an issue for the consumers since decades and visiting each suppliers physically for availability, quality & price comparison has been an all-time issue.With our platform, the customer can see the products from different suppliers and compare the price and services and even contact them with an instance from their premises and the shopping can be made with hassle free steps and the delivery can be get done so fast or the customer can even pick the items as the purchase being done from the nearest suppliers with the help of hyperlocal system and thus by save valuable time, energy and money.

Hyperlocal facility on our website allows the customer to see the nearest sellers from the seller or selected location and do the purchase accordingly.

Also the customer can display only the products from the nearby sellers so that they can purchase online and get it delivered very fast saving time and energy.

And finally our target is make availability of complete range of items related to MEP segments on our marketplace.

Our Vision and Mission

Be the best in class service provider for the MEP community and consumers with world class variety of MEP products and creating the best customer and seller experience on our portal. 

Our History

Over the years of experience and lessons taught us the pros and cons of current traditional business model and its necessity for the technological adaptation relevant to the current global market situations.

We have integrated advanced AI based technology and keep on improving every day to make every one's life easy in MEP segment by combining the traditional benefits with the latest trends and the current fusion is definitely going to change the world on how the business in MEP segment performs online.

Our team of

We have got the best team ever and every one with their experience on different domains, we make sure that you are in the safe place to execute your business with the support of our professionals.

Najmal Abdul Latheef

Chief Executive Officer

Nolan Peters

Marketplace Head

 Joel Horrace

Full stack Developer

Hakim Abbas

SEO Specialist

Grace Wally

Front End Developer

Vaishnavi Gireesh

Customer Service

Saifuddin Jalal


Zoya Ahmed

Administration & Sales

Arun Deshmukh

UI/UX Developer

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